“When starting CTE in 1998
my dream for this company was larger than life, our obstacles were many but overcome with tenacity and perseverance ”

Patricia Norris, CEO


When starting CTE in 1998 my dream for this company was larger than life, our obstacles were many but overcome with tenacity and perseverance, and now as I reflect on our abundance of accomplishments and the great promise for the future I revel in the realisation that reality is now larger than that original dream.

We are the embodiment of ‘triumph in the face of adversity’, building a solid honest, foundation in the forgotten community of Touwsriver, I looked past the neglect and desolation of this abandoned old rail town and saw hope and a greater purpose for CTE, we were able to not only change the South African rail industry but change lives. Through the nurturing of talent we empowered ourselves and others, to this day development of skills and support of the potential of the individual remains a primary CTE philosophy.

As CTE expands and conquers we are constantly reminded and grounded by our humble beginnings and our duty to uplift not just the individual but also the community they live in, a positive environment produces a positive and successful work force. As the South African Rail Industry makes this essential and exciting leap forward into the future value the impact and responsibility we have for our greater community across our nation. Making rail a safe, reliable and affordable form of public transport holds the potential to empower and transform the individuals of South Africa and it starts with us.

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Commuter Transport Engineering (CTE) was established in 1999 by Patricia Norris with the primary aim of refurbishing commuter rail coaches. Since then, the company has enjoyed considerable success in the rail industry in South Africa.

As the first ‘black’ company, owned by a woman, to enter the commuter train refurbishment industry, the continued success of CTE has been built on knowledge, integrity, superior customer service and a reputation for value-added solutions that contribute to sustainable client success.



CTE believes in strong leadership values; prominent; demonstrated commitment to achieve the company’s strategic goals by motivating, coaching and building trust, integrity and respect to its employees.

Our Executive Committee Management Team is responsible for various planning and development processes within CTE and its Group Policies; Practices ensuring alignment of best practices within the organization.

The EXCO team which comprises of senior management from various CTE entities is also accountable for the development, monitoring of financial matters of the Group and consistently approaching; re-evaluating the strategic business plans for future growth.

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    CEO - CTE Group
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    Operations Manager
    CTE Touws River
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    Corporate Finance Manager


With a robust growth and future expansion of our business, “CTE’s vision is to be consistent leading providers of unquestionable superior engineering solutions to the rail industry”.

With a strong vision at the forefront, we need to pursue our mission to “Ensure a profitable growth which will build strong shareholders value and customer success by aspiring to the highest standard of engagement in all our business areas”.

To obtain a well-placed success, we consistently strive towards delivering our vision and increase our competitiveness.